Air Conditioner Cleaning

Service Description

It’s always summer in Thailand. Is your Air conditioner not cooling as well as it should?

A dusty air conditioner can cause breathing problems and that’s not pleasant nor needed during a pandemic. Furthermore, a faulty air conditioner can impact your electricity bill as it has to do more work to function properly.

Get your Air conditioner professionally maintained every 3 months by a qualified 8 Square technician. Extend it’s life, protect your health, pay less money in electricity bills.

It’s no fun lying in bed and sweating on the sheets at night. Or worse, sneezing from the dust buildup when you turn it on. Are your electricity bills shocking at the end of the month? The problem could be a dirty or malfunctioning air conditioner unit.

Here’s how to tell if your air conditioner is making you or your loved ones sick:

❖ You have breathing problems
❖ You suffer from frequent headaches and dizziness
❖ You have dry skin or dry nasal passages
❖ You have frequent symptoms of a cold

Enter your request online or call to have someone over by the very next business day (or the same day with rush service ) to clean and repair your air conditioning unit. Whether in your home, condo, or office and no matter the brand or model, your air-conditioner will be taken care of.


Why Us?

8 Square has qualified, professionally trained Air Conditioning specialists with years of experience ready to serve you at a moment’s notice in the Bangkok area.

Breathe freely without dust. Enjoy lower electricity bills and have a cool summer in Thailand with air conditioning maintenance and repair from 8 Square.

If you have multiple air conditioning units at our location, you can get a discount for the additional ones. Schedule cleaning every 2 months and you’ll receive a further discount.

If you are not satisfied with your air conditioning cleaning, you will not pay a single baht, or you will receive a full refund. 8 Square wants you to be happy and healthy by providing this guarantee.


How to Schedule with Us?

You can contact our team via the below options, we’re always happy to take your questions.

❖ Call us at our hotline +66 (0) 96-986-3364

❖ Whatsapp: +66 (0) 96-986-3364

❖ Line ID: @8squarecleaning (with @)

❖ WeChat: _8squarecleaning